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Marriage of Top-Down Lithography to Bottom-Up Chemistry Edge Control in Graphene Nanoribbons

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William Marsh Rice University Houston United States

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In this reporting period we have continued to explore bottom-up edge control of graphene nanoribbons GNRs by functionalizing GNRs and related materials with various addends that lead to better performance in applications of interest to the AFOSR. The functionalization informs our understanding of the properties of GNRs at the edges and basal plane. The applications of interest to the AFOSR include anti-icing and active deicing of airfoils new materials for energy storage and generation and the use of functionalized GNRs in polymer composites. A method of using top-down laser lithography to produce GNR-like structures in laser induced graphene LIG was discovered in our lab, as disclosed in a prior annual report. We have explored the properties and uses of LIG in depth, as well as extremely short GNRs, called graphene quantum dots GQDs, that can be synthesized from coal. GNRs, LIG and GQDs all have graphene and graphene-like edges that need to be understood and whose structures need to be controlled for obtaining the best properties for each application. AFOSR funding has been leveraged to partially fund the development of other materials, primarily for energy generation and storage applications.

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Technical Report,15 Jun 2014,14 Jun 2019



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