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Environmental Biodetection and Human Biosurveillance Research and Development for National Security: Priorities for the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate

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Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center, RAND Corporation Washington United States

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Biological threats are among the priorities addressed by the biodefense community and, more broadly, the U.S. homeland security enterprise. Early detection of such threats is a foundation for preparedness and timely, effective response to a biological attack. As potential adversaries become more decentralized and capable in the development and deployment of biological weapons, U.S. research and development R and D must strive to stay ahead to effectively detect biological threats and minimize their effects. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security DHS Science and Technology DirectorateS and T asked the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center HSOAC to assess priorities for its investments in R and D, specifically addressing biological threats. The project entailed three tasks 1 assess the relevant policy and practice landscape for national biosurveillance and biodetection efforts 2 conceptualize how R and D can be brought to bear to improve biosurveillance and biodetection and 3 review and assess DHS S and T R and D in support of biosurveillance and biodetection programs.

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