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Fundamental Studies of Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses for High Power Lasers: Microstructural Aspects of Er Clustering and Absorption Profile Variations Related to Photodarkening

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University of New Mexico Albuquerque

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High-power, rare-earths REs doped fiber lasers with a glass-based functional core are used in numerous commercial applications, such as telecommunications, as well as in those relevant to DoD missions. When considering REs-doped glasses for high-power laser applications, the phenomenon of photodarkening remains the key issue in limiting a fibers optical performance. Photodarkening is an irradiation-induced gradual increase of a glass fibers absorption, which reduces its light transmission capability and decreases the fibers power output over time. Several explanations have been given so far that are either inspired by experimental observations or aimed at rationalizing experimental findings.

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Technical Report,01 Jul 2016,30 Jun 2019



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