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Metasurface Polarimetry

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Nyskopunarmidstod Islands Keldnaholti Iceland

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In collaboration with the research group of Prof. F. Capasso at Harvard University, the PIs research group demonstrated polarization-dependent-scattering from a single metasurface that cast the polarization state of the input light into a number of intensity measurements 1,2, forming the theoretical basis for the present project. Metasurfaces designed to provide four or more sufficiently independent scattering signals can be characterized as full Stokes polarimeters. Generally speaking, a full Stokes polarimeter is a device that performs measurements of all four Stokes parameters describing the state and degree of polarization of electromagnetic waves, as well as their intensity. With current technology, this is typically achieved using either a wavefront-division, time-division or intensity-division approach. An in-line polarimeter performs such measurements by using only a fraction of the light intensity to measure the full state of polarization, preferably without significantly perturbing the input polarization. In-line intensity-division polarimeters are important, for example, for polarization generation and polarization management in optical telecommunications.

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