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Joint Physics Initiative for Study of Orbital Angular Momentum Mode Fiber Amplification of Optical Pulses

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University of Southampton Southampton United Kingdom

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This report summarizes the work in a collaboration project between University of Southampton and IIT Madras on fiber amplification of pulses with orbital angular momentum OAM. The part of the work led by IITM is reported separately. Here we focus on describing our results on Raman amplification with 15 dB gain and 20 conversion efficiency. We believe this approach is very interesting and promising, and that this is the first example of OAM mode amplification in the reported regime. On a conceptual level, we introduce the difference between local and non-local gain saturation, where Raman gain is free from local saturation. Work on simulation methods is also reported.

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Technical Report,24 Sep 2016,23 Sep 2018




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