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Ideas Lab for Imagining Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Cognition in the USAF of 2030

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George Mason University Fairfax

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In this final report, we cover the period from the beginning of this project in March of 2018 until June of 2019. This period includes a no-cost extension of the project which was granted in September of 2019. The aim of the project is to explore the mid-term 10 years future of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Cognition AI in the context of the future USAF, and to create a novel networked community of innovation and to prepare a formal report on the topic for the USAF. We convened an Ideas Lab for Imagining Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Cognition in the USAF of 2030. GMU partnered with professional facilitators from Know innovation KI to design, plan, prepare and facilitate a 5-day workshop. The primary objective of the effort is to illuminate the 2030 technology horizon for AI in the USAF context. A secondary objective is to facilitate the building of a community of USAF aligned experts who can provide continuing advice to the USAFas an external advisory board akin to the Jasons. The final objective is to facilitate the discussions necessary to build a pipeline of technological expertise in AI to avoid or respond to strategic surprise in this area. The primary impact of the effort will be to catalyze advanced situational awareness about putative developments in AI over the next decade and a half within the context of USAF requirements and coincides with USAF Secretary Heather Wilsons renewed emphasis on electronic warfare, networked capabilities, and control of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Technical Report,01 Mar 2018,30 Jun 2019




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