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Corrosion Resistance of High-Temperature SMAs Under Extreme Environments

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece

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The study of shape memory alloys has yield to the fabrication of a new generation of more functional, simple, costeffective and reliable actuators. Every alloy has different properties, such as transformation temperatures, hysteresis characteristics etc., and as most of the alloys, properties can be significantly changed with heat treatment leading to hardening through precipitation of nanoparticles and change in transformation temperatures. To consolidate the use of new materials in an application it is necessary to certify their life span in the working environment and mechanical conditions. Assuming that the most common cause of a component failure during operation is fatigue, the main goal of this research program was to draw valuable conclusions for the resistance to fatigue by combined thermomechanical cyclic loading in a neutral environment of Nirich NiTiHf High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys HTSMAs, as well as for the assessment of the effect of electrochemical degradation on the structural and functional properties due to combined mechanical cyclic loading and corrosion. The specimens were first heat treated by heating at 550C for 3 hours in order to increase their hardness and maintain high values of the phase transformation temperatures and stability.

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2017,31 Dec 2018



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