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Development of a Prototype Radio-Frequency Cathode with Ferrite Core for Use in Space Propulsion Applications as Electron Source

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Boazii niversitesi Vakf Istanbul Turkey

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The objective of this Grant was the design, manufacture and test a prototype radio-frequency cathode with ferrite core for use in space propulsion applications as electron source. Plasma cathode can be used as electron sources in electric propulsion applications. Unlike hollow cathodes where a low work function insert material that needs to be heated to elevated temperatures is utilized for the electron emission, plasma cathodes do not need to be preheated, and could be switched on instantaneously. At the Bogazici University Space Technologies Laboratory BUSTLab, radio frequency RF plasma cathode devices for use as electron sources of plasma thrusters have been studied, manufactured and successfully tested. Introduction of a ferromagnetic core enhances the power transfer efficiency of the inductively coupled plasma ICP. As part of the research conducted under this Grant, we designed, manufactured and tested of several radio-frequency cathodes, with standard coil antennae and with Mn-Zn ferrite core, for use in space propulsion applications as an electron source. The extracted electron current, electron extraction cost and gas utilization factor for the developed plasma cathodes have been studied. This Report summarizes these accomplishments. References to the published and soon-to-be-published work are provided.

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Technical Report,01 Feb 2017,31 Jan 2019



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