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Enhanced Non-linear Instabilities in Photonic Circuits with Exceptional Point Degeneracies (Preprint)

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University of Cincinnati Middletown United States

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A conceptual design of optical power limiter based on a photonic circuit with a second-order exceptional point degeneracy EPD is proposed. The design is based on a pair of coupled cavities with judiciously tailored differential Q-factors. One of the cavities includes a Kerr-like non-linear material. At low input intensities in the linear regime the two cavities are optically identical, and the transmittance of the entire photonic circuit is close to unity. As the input intensity is increased, the nonlinearity introduces a resonant detuning which lifts the degeneracy and results in formation of two distinct resonant modes. One of them the high-Q mode is abruptly destroyed due to nonlinear instabilities, while the low-Q mode experiences an under damping to-overdamping transition, rendering the entire photonic circuit highly reflective. The design allows to significantly lower the limiting threshold, while enhancing the power-handling capabilities due to the absence of absorption. A similar approach can be applied to optical power switching, Q-switching, routing, etc.

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Physical Review, Applied , 01 Jan 0001, 01 Jan 0001,




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