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Scalable Millimeter-Wave Arrays Based on Dual-Use 3D Heterogeneous Architectures

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Columbia University New York United States

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This project explored the frequency-division multiple access FDMA concept to enable 4-element multiple-input and multiple-output MIMO transmit and receive arrays at 60 GHz and 28GHz with a single wire interface. Such arrays enable many functionalities in largescale mm-wave MIMO arrays that cannot be supported by traditional phased arrays, including full digital beamforming, simultaneous multi-beam formation, mm-wave spatial multiplexing, and per-power amplifier digital pre-distortion. A 28GHz 4-element MIMO beam-space array with simultaneous spatial filtering and single wire frequency-domain multiplexing has been demonstrated in 65nm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. Also demonstrated was a novel 60GHz 4-element MIMO transmitter with a single-wire interface that multiplexes the baseband signals of all elements and the local oscillator reference through frequency-domain multiplexing.

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Technical Report,22 Jul 2016,30 Jun 2019



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