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Engineering Biomaterial Based Therapies for Improved Lymphatic Function and the Resolution of Chronic Inflammation in Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis

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Georgia Tech Research Corporation Atlanta United States

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For the first year of the project, we have demonstrated the utility of near-infrared imaging system to assess the clearance of various sized molecules 2kDa through 50kDa from the knee joint of rats. The larger molecules are specifically taken up into lymphatics and thus, are useful tools to determine the function of lymphatics during osteoarthritis development and progression. Preliminary findings suggest that lymphatic function may be hindered at mid-stage osteoarthritis and current work are addressing the possible changes to the lymphatic vessel contractility. In addition to understanding lymphatic clearance, the near-infrared imaging technology can be applied to determine intra-articular delivery and retention of drugs within the joint. For this, liposome carriers are synthesized and are currently being evaluated for their prolonged retention within the knee joint. Continued investigation of this innovative technology will provide evidence of improved drug delivery and efficacy in treating osteoarthritis.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2018,14 Aug 2019



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