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Extremity Regeneration of Soft Tissue Injury Using Growth Factor-Impregnated Gels

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Brigham and Womens Hospital Boston United States

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Nearly all experiments have been completed and a no cost extension has been approved inorder to complete all planned surgeries. A final surgery is scheduled for November, 2019 todetermine function of VEGF and VEGF IGF1 in an ischemic-only injury. All other experimentsto evaluate the dose-response relationship, determine function of growth factor on nerveregeneration and function of each growth factor on independent nerve versus ischemicinjuries have been completed. There has been ongoing research and development on thealginate gels and growth factors through collaboration with the Wyss Institute. We have beenapproved to revise our statement of work, eliminating the pilot non-GLP studies. We arecompleting 4 GLP toxicity studies through an outside vendor with the Wyss Institute.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2018,29 Sep 2019



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