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Localizing and Assessing Amputee Pain with Intense Focused Ultrasound

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Univeristy of Washington Seattle United States

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In order to study the differential sensitivity of peripheral pain generators in the residual limb of two classes of amputees, we use our existing research-grade image-guided intense focused ultrasound ig-iFU system to stimulate those pain generators. Targets for iFU stimulation include neuromas, intact nerves, TMR targeted muscle reinnervation sites, and patient-identified sensitive areas. We have successful stimulated intact and transected nerves in our amputee patients and intact volunteers. We have observed significant differences in how the different groups respond to iFU stimulation and how the threshold value of iFU intensity necessary to generate sensations relates to different factors such as overall pain score, neuropathic pain, and the presence of phantom feelings and pain. Specifically, our data suggest that TMR surgery produces transected nerves less sensitive to iFU stimulation than standard transected nerves, with those in neuropathic pain showing the greatest difference. We remain short of our enrollment goal of 45 TMR patients, with dormant plans to deploy at Northwestern University available to address that shortfall.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2015,14 Sep 2019



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