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Early Exercise in the Burn Intensive Care Unit Decreases Hospital Stay, Improves Mental Health, and Physical Performance

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University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Galveston United States

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Prolonged inactivity accompanying stays in the burn intensive care unit BICU and hospital worsen muscle lossweakness and lengthen hospitalization. We hypothesize that a personalized, structured, and quantifiable exercise program MP10 will improve these variables over standard-of-care SOC, as exercise has well documented effects on maintainingimproving muscle strength, which should shorten hospitalization. Thus, we will characterize Aim 1 what is SOC throughout hospital stay across the US and Aim 2 outcomes in burn in-patients. Over 4 years, we will enroll 96 patients 24 per site MP10 n64 and SOC n32 aged 1860 years with 30 TBSA burns. MP10 will begin 45 days after the first surgery after admit or when the burn surgeon deems mobilization safe and continue for the entire BICU and hospital stay. MP10 will take place on weekdays in the morning and afternoon.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2018,14 Sep 2019



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