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Dissecting Neuronal Participation to Focal Epileptic Events in Vivo

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Boston VA Research Institute, Inc. (BVARI) Boston United States

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Focal epilepsy is prevalent among Veterans conferring significant morbidity. To develop rational approaches to therapy we need to understand how individual neurons of different types participate in and modulate epileptic events. During this annual period, we used the two-photon, optical micro-encephalogram strategy to study how individual cortical neurons of identified type engage in seizure and epileptiform events in the chronic Tetanus Toxin model of focal epilepsy. In this 2ns annual report we met our goals to 1 re-optimize our setup, re-hire and train two postdoctoral fellows after transferring the award to the JP VA, 2 Optimized the TeT injection model of chronic focal epilepsy to make it amenable to analysis via 2-photon imaging i.e. ensure it has a sufficient rate of ictal events, 3 We imaged 23 TeT injected and 10 control animals from pre-injection up to day 60 post-injection and mapped how pyramidal neurons and PV, SOM interneurons engage during EEG-seizures as well as during EEG-silent mini-seizure events observed only on calcium imaging. We are currently preparing our first manuscript, on track to complete the goals outlined in the SOW.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2017,29 Sep 2018



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