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Operational Relevance of Behavioral and Social Science to DoD Missions

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Joint Staff, DDGO Washington DC United States

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Though sociocultural analysis has come to the fore with recent counter-insurgency experience, its relevance extends far beyond these operations. Indeed, its relevance may be greater in the future security environment than in contemporary operations. Americas security environment faces a diverse set of challenges, all of which are shaped by sociocultural dynamics. An aging population, as well as internal social and political challenges, will require greater attention to understanding traditional allies e.g., Europe and Japan. Africa is in turmoil, facing both positive with dynamic emerging economies and negative remnant post-colonial challenges and Islamist extremism are a potentially lethal combination realities. South Asia faces a youth bulge and an emerging middle class that will challenge existing sociopolitical structures and regional social movements. The Gulf, the Middle East, and North Africa are undergoing a region-wide set of social transformations of a scope last seen on the world stage in Europe in 1848 or in the post-World War One era. In addition, Latin America faces the end of long-standing dictatorships, change in the Andean region, and an emergent world-stage actor.

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