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Application of Combined Cardioprotective Agents to Preserve Organ Function and Improve Survival during Experimental Hemorrhagic Shock

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Huntington Medical Research Institues Pasadena United States

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We investigated the effects of hypothermia treatment alone and in combination with experimental bilateral lower limb remote ischemic preconditioning RIPC in rats undergoing experimental hemorrhagic shock. Previously we showed that RIPC alone improved survival. In the setting of hypothermia alone, 4 of 15 26.7 percent rats in the control group and 11 of 16 68.8 percent p 0.032 rats in the hypothermia group survived at 6 weeks. pO2 remained essential normal and levels of potassium, chloride, and lactate were lower in hypothermia group. In the combination study, 1 of 10 10 percent rats in the control group and 7 of 11 63.6 percent p 0.024 rats in the hypothermia plus RIPC group survived at 6 weeks. The neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio NLR was significantly lower in Hypothermia plus RIPC. NLR has been reported to be strongly associated with early mortality in patients with severe hemorrhage and represents disease severity. We concluded that hypothermia alone and combination with RIPC significantly improved long term survival in rats subjected to hemorrhagic shock. Hypothermia and RIPC did not show survival rates greater than hypothermia alone.

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Technical Report,31 Mar 2018,31 Aug 2019



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