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Racial Differences in Financial Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatment and Outcome

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Health Research, Inc Buffalo United States

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The North Carolina-Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project PCaP used rapid case ascertainment in North Carolina NC and Louisiana LA to recruit 2258research subjects with newly diagnosed prostate cancer CaP African Americans AAs. Treatments received and oncological outcomes were gathered about 4 years later from 79 of research subjects enrolled in NC and 4.4 years later from 65 of research subjects enrolled in LA. Estimations based on that initial follow-up experience and actuarial assumptions suggest that information should be collectable from 1233 living PCaP research subjects and from the surviving family members about the impact of death from CaP in 110 about 65 AAs and 45 CAs versus another cause in 300 about 150 of each racefamily units, respectively. The central hypothesis is that the financial impact of CaP treatment and oncologic outcome differs between AAs and CAs newly diagnosed with CaP. LA State University School of Public Health Epidemiology Data Core EDC will contact all PCaP research subjects who provided consent for future contact 97 allowed future contact. Treatments received and oncologic outcome will be collected using PCaPs CaP Follow-up Form and QoL will be reassessed using the same validated instruments administered by PCaP at baseline and first re-contact. Current household income, treatment costs, QoL, financial distress and caregiver QoL and stress will be ascertained using validated questionnaires. EDC will obtain the pertinent medical records and abstract them using the PCaP Follow-up Medical Records Abstraction Database. Oncologic outcome will be displayed graphically for all LA research subjects and updated for all NC research subjects using the same methodology as used to produce oncologic outcome for NC research subjects. Mortality and cause of death information is obtained via the NC State Center for Health Statistics and the LA State Tumor Registry. When PCaP research subjects have died, next-of-kin will be consent

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Technical Report,01 Jul 2018,30 Jun 2019



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