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Microfragmented Adipose Tissue and Blood Plasma-Based Hydrogels for Treatment of Combat-Associated Burn Injuries

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Metis Foundation Ft. Sam Houston United States

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Following full thickness burn injuries, the subcutaneous adipose tissue often suffers severe damage. Even when the hypodermal fat layer is not fully involved, surgical intervention usually results in removal of the hypodermis down to muscle fascia. Although this avoids the complications of inadvertently leaving necrotic foci in the wound bed, it negates the benefit of retaining viable hypodermal adipose tissue and microvasculature. Grafting onto fat has been shown to reduce wound contraction, especially in extremity burns located near joints, resulting in better range of motion and improved sensation. This indicates that grafts onto fat may heal better and have improved innervation. In addition, the removal of the hypodermal tissue results in loss of vasculature and poor graft take, leading to wound contraction and scarring. The purpose of this study was to evaluate application of micro-fragmented adipose tissue Lipogems as a hypodermal skin substitute using hydrogels in a porcine full-thickness wound model. We hypothesize that early reconstruction of hypodermis using purified Lipogems and hydrogels will improve angiogenesis, healing, and scar appearance.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2017,29 Sep 2018



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