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Frequency-Domain Synthesis of Advanced Pulse-Compression Filters

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Lexington United States

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Radars require modified signal processing to be able to employ waveforms other than linear frequency modulated chirps. This paper describes a computationally-efficient method for designing pulse-compression filters that improve performance. These pulse-compression filters have been previously described in terms of a time-domain representation finding the finite impulse response filters required solving a large system of linear equations. The approach described here translates the filter design specifications into the frequency domain. The frequency-domain representations lead to algorithms with an order of magnitude lower complexity and that are more readily parallelized. The design approaches described here are an important step to using these advanced pulse-compression filters in situations where they must be computed in real-time.

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Conference Paper

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2019 IEEE Radar Conference , 22 Apr 2019, 22 Apr 2019,



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