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Investigate Target Reflection and Illumination Sensitivity in Range Gated Detection

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MONASH UNIVERSITY Subang Jaya Malaysia

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This project is a joint research project among the research teams from four institutions Monash University Malaysia, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Multimedia University and National Cheng Kung University, where the main objective is to investigate the effects induced by target reflection and illumination factors. Their impacts to the system performance are evaluated theoretically and experimentally. The effect of target reflection was investigated from the perspectives of target reflectivity and angle of laser incidence. The study shows that the range accuracy is proportional to the target reflectivity but it decreases when the angle of incidence increases adheres to the bidirectional reflection distribution function BRDF. Furthermore, ranging performance is also affected by the distortion caused by laser illumination and optical components. The distortion effect is radially symmetric and increases with the pixels distance from the image centre. These findings are integrated to propose a novel range estimation model. The proposed model outperforms the conventional weighted average model, which addresses the effects caused by the aforementioned factors to accomplish accurate reconstruction. Furthermore, we propose a novel underwater turbulence detection method based on a gated wavefront sensing technique. The proposed method incorporated wavefront sensing and the range gated approach for effective underwater turbulence detection. Our experimental results prove that the proposed method can detect underwater turbulence conditions at different distances, and for different levels of turbulence. Due to the effectiveness of the proposed method, it has good potential, which will significantly benefit applications in underwater imaging, laser communication, oceanic exploration, etc.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2016,14 Aug 2018



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