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Development of On-Chip High Performance Optical Components Based on Hybrid Material System of Chalcogenide Glass and Conventional Optical Materials

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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology TAEJON Korea, South

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A completely new approach involving hybrid material structures made of chalcogenide glass on silicon dioxide platform were proposed to avoid serious surface roughness commonly caused by conventional etching process to define optical structures of chalcogenide glass material. Based on this new approach, optical resonators and waveguides were fabricated on a silicon chip, which resulted in 1.5 x 10 exp 5 optical Q factor and 1 dBm propagation loss. By applying this approach on the previous dispersion control technique based on multiple wedge structures, it was proven that geometry dispersion was be able to be controlled with increased degree of freedom by numerical analysis. As an application of the developed optical components, a super continuum generation experiment has been performed. This approach provides a new path to implement high performance optical components, not only with chalcogenide glass as studied in this project but also with potentially other materials having higher refractive index than that of silica glass.

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Technical Report,27 Sep 2016,26 Sep 2018



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