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Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuator for Aeronautical Smart Structures Based on PVdF-CNTs Nanomembranes

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Fundaao de Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa Belo Horizonte Brazil

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This report describes the activities developed during the Sept. 2014-January 2019 period. The project designed, synthetizedmanufactured and optimized of sensorsactuators based on piezoelectric PVDFCNT nanomembranes combined to shape memory alloys wires. The actuator was able to develop an angular deformation from 30 deg to 180 deg with an applied voltage of 30 V and 2 amps. The angular deformation response to applied voltage seems to be linear and gradual. The PVDFCNT nanomembrane present a high piezoelectric activity with beta-phase formation reaching 94. The sensors based on piezoelectric nanomembranes were able to generate voltages ranging from 2V to 12V.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2014,31 Jan 2019



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