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The al-Anbar Awakening: Comparative Assessment of Strategies and Tactics Used to Instigate the Awakening Movement

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Marine Corps Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning Quantico United States

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In 2012, the Translational Research Group in the Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning CAOCL began a project to complement Marine Corps Universitys two volumes of interviews related to the al-Anbar Awakening Movement Sahwa al-Anbar and stabilization in al-Anbar Province. The initial goals of the project were To provide to the Marine Corps a comparative assessment of tactics and strategies used by a variety of groups to instigate the al-Anbar Awakening. The lead researcher, Ms. Jennifer Clark, hypothesized that one singular tactic or one single entity did not initiate the movement, but a variety of tactics and strategies, combined with the overall social overlay of the environment, provided the setting for the Awakening Movement. To provide information that might be of use to CAOCL in its training and education curricula. The project was cancelled after interviewing was complete, but before the lead researcher was able to conduct significant analysis. Despite the projects cancellation, CAOCL feels the interviewees provided valuable information on a number of topics of interest to the Marine Corps and hopes that other researchers may find the information useful.

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