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Transport Property Studies of Structurally Modified Graphene

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University of Arizona Tucson United States

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The transport properties of two-dimensional 2D materials can be dramatically modified by introducing nano- to atomic-scale porous patterns, such as periodic pores antidots. Despite numerous studies, the electron and phonon transport processes in such a periodic porous structure are still not fully understood, which hinders the future development of these metamaterials. In this project, we have advanced the electrical studies of GALs and further applied the knowledge to other 2D materials such as tellurene. The energy sensitivity to scattering is extracted and used to justify the major scattering mechanism of charge carriers. For thermal studies, valuable insights can be gained from comparable nanoporous films. Beyond antidot lattices, the nanoslot pattern is also explored as an effective approach to tune the thermoelectric properties of general 2D materials and thin films.

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Technical Report,01 Nov 2015,31 Dec 2018



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