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Predicting Intimate Relationship Health from Adverse Childhood Experiences Among United States Air Force Active Duty Personnel

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Marriage health is of high importance to the military most men and women serving in uniform are married. Across the military services, rates of divorce are significantly higher for women than for men. Potential contributing factors include 1 stress of balancing multiple and competing work and family roles and 2 higher prevalence of sexual harassment and assault for women in the military An additional hypothesis is that a greater proportion of women entering the military may have experienced adverse events during childhood relative to men, and these background factors increase the odds of impairments in adult romantic relationships.The purpose of the study was to test for the associations among current relationship functioning, childhood adversity, and gender using a representative sample of married men and women in first year of enlistment.

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San Antonio Combat PTSD Conference; 23-24 Oct 2019 , 23 Oct 2019, 24 Oct 2019,



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