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Air Force Institutional Requirements: Opportunities for Improving the Efficiency of Sourcing, Managing, and Manning Corporate Requirements

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RAND Corporation Santa Monica United States

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In recent years, the Air Force has found it increasingly difficult to fill manpower authorizations in many career fieldsnot only operational and staff positions that support mission demands but also additional requirements that are levied on career fields. One source of these additional requirements is institutional requirements. Institutional requirements are valid, funded manpower requirements that do not align with a traditional, functional career field but are needed to support the Air Force institutionpositions such as recruiters, instructors, generalist staff officers, or operational support. The challenge for career field managers is that institutional requirements compete with operational requirements for the same pool of personnel. These assignments may also have an effect on the career development of individual officers. In some cases, the experience provided by an institutional requirement assignment is considered positive and contributes to an officers competitiveness for future assignments and promotions. Other positions are considered a sidetrack, preventing officers from acquiring the depth of experience in their operational specialty that they would otherwise. Some career field managers, such as those in space and cyber, believe the impact of institutional requirements on manning and career development is serious enough to warrant formal study.

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