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Demonstration of a Building Automation System Embedded Performance Degradation Detector Using Virtual Water/Air Flow Meters

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University of Oklahoma Norman United States

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The goal of this demonstration project was to improve the energy efficiency of DoD buildings while maintaining or improving indoor air quality by increasing the intelligence of building energy management using virtual flow meter technologies. Specifically, the technical objectives were to 1 Validate energy savings, costs and benefits of the proposed technologies 2 Document findings and guidelines from the demonstration to promote low-cost virtual meter implementation through the existing DoD energy meter policies and encourage widespread adoptionof the Building automation system BAS-embedded PDD, and 3 Enable technology transfer through the demonstration by showcasing benefits of the technology. The demonstration involved validation of 43 virtual fanvalvepump flow meters. Of these, 40 meters 93 had errors of less than 1.2 at 95 confidence. The average annual total cost savings was 74,629 based on the lumped utility rate of 0.0522kWh and 4.02MMBtu, i.e., 15 annual energy cost. It is worth mentioning that the demonstration building is a LEED certified new clinic building.

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2014,31 Dec 2018



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