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Standardizing Polymeric Sampling for Measuring Freely-Dissolved Organic Contaminants in Sediment Porewater

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U.S. Army Engineer Research Development Center Seattle United States

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Polymeric samplers sorb hydrophobic organic contaminants present in sediment, whether used actively or passively i.e. respectively with or without sedimentpolymer mixing. The resultant polymer concentrations can then be used to calculate freely dissolved contaminant concentrations Cfree in the sediments porewater. Polymeric samplers maybe used as alternatives to a Henry samplers and pumping for porewater sample collection or b sediment centrifugation with supernatant collection. Cfree measured by polymeric samplers represents the fraction of contaminants not sorbed to settling solids or associated with suspended colloidal matter. Cfree is directly linked tosediment-dwelling organisms exposure to contaminants as well as risk for biouptake intothe larger foodweb. Therefore, developing standardized methods for obtaining Cfreemeasurements using polymeric samplers is critically important.

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