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Next Year is Now

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US Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth United States

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This thesis and wargame addresses the question, Can a game be developed to enhance company level Unit Training Management within the National Guard By using a qualitative discussion format that showcases the need and relevance of such a training model, company level leaders in the National Guard can be better trained and developed to adapt to the possibility of competing federal training and states no notice mission requirements. This research is augmented by the United States Armys implemented annual training requirements and recently published Sustained Readiness Model that is required to be achieved by the components of the Active, Reserve, and National Guard respectively. Furthermore, conducting research by playing a variety of classic and modern wargames, simulations, and board games, appropriate elements and mechanics were adapted to create a relevant game using the Time, Space, Assets, and Resolution or TSAR Model. Thus, through game development and testing of Next Year is Now, a game that can improve company level Unit Training Management in the National Guard has been produced.

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Technical Report,14 Aug 2017,15 Jun 2018



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