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High-Speed Blue and Green Light-Emitting Diodes Using Polarization-Free GaN

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University of New Mexico Albuquerque Albuquerque United States

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Major Goals The primary goal of this project is to develop high-speed nonpolar and semipolar blue and green light-emitting diodes LEDs with applications to underwater optical communication. The blue devices will emit near 430-450 nm and the green devices will emit near 500-520 nm. The devices will be grown on nonpolar 10-10 substrates and the semipolar devices will be grown on 20-2-1 substrates. The main goal for high speed performance is to realize bandwidths beyond 1 GHz. The tasks are divided into the following four thrusts. A. LED designA.1 Design of LED active regions using simulation and experiment A.2 Design of geometry and layer thickness for a vertical LED A.3 Photomask layout for individual LEDs and arrays B. Epitaxial materials growth B.1 Optimization of nonpolar 10-10 LED structures B.2 Optimization of semipolar 20-2-1 LED structures B.3 Growth of test structures for optimization of series resistance, capacitance, doping, etc. C. LED fabrication C.1 Individual vertical LED fabrication C.2 LED array fabrication D. LED and materials characterization. D.1 DC characterization of the LEDs D.2 RF small-signal characterization of the LEDs D.3 TRPL lifetime measurements The completion criteria for each task, the target completion quarter, and the estimated completion percentage for each task are given below. Most tasks have been 100 completed upon the completion of the three-year program.

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Technical Report,21 Aug 2015,20 Aug 2018



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