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Mechanical Behavior of Cor-Tuf Ultra-High Performance Concrete Considering Aggregate and Paste Effects

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Army Engineer Rsch Dev Center VICKSBURG United States

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This research primarily focused on properties from varying the constituents that make up ultra-high performance concrete UHPC with the ultimate goal to enable improved characterization and modeling of this material. Several variations of UHPC were made to see the differences in properties as a function of constituents. Compressive strength, elastic modulus, and tensile strength were measured at low loading rates. Fundamental test methods were used for most experiments with a smaller subset of tests with strain gages and imaging techniques. This report is intended primarily to document these experiments and the collected data. Specific conclusions are avoided herein, as the intent is to use these data in future efforts that will be more appropriate to draw more meaningful conclusions about ways to better model and ultimately improve UHPC.

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