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MRI Compatible EEG and Transcranial Current Stimulation for Brain Research

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Rutgers, The State University Newark United States

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The primary goal of this project was to install state-of-the-art devices for transcranial current stimulation for use by several groups of cognitive neuroscience researchers at Rutgers University - Newark. We purchased a 256 channel device from Electrical Geodesics, Inc - this device can record and stimulate through each of its channels and thereby provides virtually unlimited opportunities for targeting and fine-tuning of transcranial stimulation protocols. The device was integrated into a human behavioral recording setup, and much effort has been put into assuring its safe operation, writing software to integrate its operation with behavioral control and audio-visual stimulus presentation. Several research groups at Rutgers University have contributed to this effort, in terms of troubleshooting EEG recordings, testing stimulation, and temporal synchronization with other devices. As one of our Centers goals is to maximize the cross-talk between animal and human experiments, we have also developed techniques to use this device with animals and purchased and installed a separate device for image-guided neurosurgical procedures. The latter is essential to validate the spatial targeting that the EGI device aims to achieve and is an active topic of research.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2015,14 Aug 2016



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