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Systems Approach to Improved Facility Energy Performance

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The Department of Defense DoD is interested in improving its facilities to enhance energy performance and improve mold and mil-dew mitigation. This research effort used a pair of administrative facilities Bldgs 1540A and B at Fort Detrick, MD to investigate the use of radiant heating and cooling systems to cost effectively improve such facilities using technologies that are easily maintainable by existing staff. This project found that 1 it is feasible to significantly improve the air tightness of an existing building envelope with-out implementing major changes or disruptions to the interior or exterior surfaces of the building envelope 2 radiant heating and cooling systems can adequately maintain comfort conditions in administrative buildings in locations with significant heating and cool-ing loads 3 radiant cooling systems, when combined with a Dedicated Outdoor Air Supply DOAS system to properly dehumidify outdoor air and maintain proper space humidity conditions, can prevent condensation forming on the surface of the radiant cooling panels 4 radiant heating and cooling systems are capable of improved energy efficiency when compared with conventional all-air Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning HVAC systems 5 radiant systems are cost competitive with conventional all-air HVAC systems, and 6 radiant systems are easily maintainable and require no special skills for HVAC technicians.

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