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Human-Robot Interaction Design Research: From Teleoperations to Human-Agent Teaming

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CCDC Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Ground United States

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This report covers human factors research supported by the Army Research Laboratorys humanrobot interaction HRI multiyear program. The emphasis is on design principles derived from the HRI research commencing with early research on teleoperations to current research on humanagent teaming HAT, including topics such as human factors of teleoperations, multimodal control and display research, adaptive systems, RoboLeader a planning agent, models of trust and transparency, design of visualization for effective HAT, and a discussion of current and future efforts related to bidirectional communications between humans and agents. An important principle underlying our research is that as agents become more autonomous, Soldiers taskings do not become easierrather they change, often becoming more demanding.

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Technical Report,01 Oct 2018,31 Aug 2019



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