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Capability Modeling for Digital Factories (CaMDiF)

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Champaign United States

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This project is motivated by the need for improving the agility and intelligence of supplier discovery and evaluation solutions and also enhancing the visibility of SMEs in the cyber-space. The main technical problem addressed in this project is formal and standard representation and analysis of manufacturing capabilities. The manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes brought about by the emergence of service-oriented, cloud-based, and digital manufacturing paradigms. The democratization of manufacturing is among the most visible trends that have reshaped the manufacturing landscape within the past few years. With a lowered barrier to entry, a larger number of small-to-medium sized enterprises SMEs are capable of offering diverse manufacturing services both internally and externally through building virtual supply networks and exploiting the resources provided by distributed partners. Consumers of manufacturing services can benefit from a larger and more diverse supply pool since they are provided with a wider range of options when searching for qualified suppliers. Nevertheless, the sheer size of the supply pool presents multiple challenges to efficiently evaluating and selecting manufacturing suppliers.

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Technical Report,22 Dec 2016,30 Apr 2018



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