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Telemetry Standards

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Range Commanders Council White Sands Missile Range United States

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The TG of the RCC has prepared this document to foster the compatibility of telemetry transmitting, receiving, and signal processing equipment at the member ranges under the cognizance of the RCC. The range commanders highly recommend that telemetry equipment operated by the ranges and telemetry equipment used in programs that require range support conform to these standards. These standards do not necessarily define the existing capability of any test range, but constitute a guide for the orderly implementation of telemetry systems for both ranges and range users. The scope of capabilities attainable with the utilization of these standards requires the careful consideration of tradeoffs. Guidance concerning these tradeoffs is provided in the text. The standards provide the necessary criteria on which to base equipment design and modification. The ultimate purpose is to ensure efficient spectrum utilization, interference-free operation, interoperability between ranges, and compatibility of range user equipment with the ranges. This standard is complemented by a companion series RCC Document 118, Test Methods for Telemetry Systems and Subsystems RCC Document 119, Telemetry Applications Handbook RCC Document 123, IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Programmers Handbook and RCC Document 124, Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard TMATS Handbook.

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