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Interoperability and Cold-Spare Support for VLSI ICs Using a System-in-Package I/O Kit

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BAE Systems Manassas United States

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VLSI ICs using sub-100 nm CMOS technology provide high speed and low power relative to larger geometry technology. However, at voltages above the breakdown voltage of individual 10 transistors, cold-spare support and interoperability with heritage IO standards are problematic. A System-in-Package SiP methodology leveraging BAE Systems family of radiation-hardened by design RHBD IO chiplets simplifies VLSI IC design while supporting 3.3 V IO and cold-spare operation. The SiP methodology and chiplets described support multiple technology nodes from 90 nm to at least 7 nm. Tristate IO, Flash memory interface and ANSIVita 78 Space VPX applications illustrate use of the IO chiplets.

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Conference Paper

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GOMACTech Conference (GOMACTech 19) , 25 Mar 2019, 28 Mar 2019, See also AD1074821 - GOMACTech Conference (GOMACTech 19) "Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security: Challenges and Opportunities for the Government" held in Albuquerque, NM 25-28 March 2019.



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