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Modeling Sea Level Change Using the Coastal Modeling System

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ERDC Vicksburg

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PURPOSE This Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note CHETN describes procedures to incorporate a sea level change SLC curve within the Coastal Modeling System CMS operated in the Surface-water Modeling System SMS, version 13.0 Aquaveo 2010. The defined procedures are demonstrated in a long-term modeling simulation configured around an idealized inlet. INTRODUCTION Increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases are warming the atmosphere and oceans. The global warming and the rise in ocean temperature may gradually increase ocean volume and change sea level Figure 1 IPCC 2014. Potential global sea level rise SLR combined with coastal storms can drastically change the depth of navigation channels and introduce sediment into navigation channels through adjacent shore erosion. Recognizing the impacts of global climate change with potential SLR on coastal and estuarine waterways, measures need to be taken to assess risk and vulnerability of navigation projects, to conduct research and development that support a reduction of future operation and maintenance costs, and to develop adaptation strategies and management plans to support operations and maintenance practice USACE 2011.

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