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CPW-Fed Suspended 60 GHz On-chip Phased Array with High Efficiency

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Ohio State University Columbus United States

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Major shortcoming of current silicon-based millimeter-wave mmW on-chip antennas is the low radiation efficiency 5-10. In this paper, we propose a phased antenna array on silicon substrate with the radiation efficiency 80 at 60GHz. This is achieved by suspending radiating elements using micro-electro-mechanical systems MEMS processes, thus creating a low-Epsilon r substrate of air instead of lossy silicon substrate. The designed 5X5 element array is well matched at 60 GHz with the -10 dB bandwidth of 2 GHz. The peak realized gain for the 5X5 array is 19.7 dBi with the gain reduction of 4 dB at the maximum scanning angle. Moreover, the scanning volume of the designed antenna is or - 45 deg in H plane and or - 48 deg in E plane. As an on-chip phased array, the designed array can be monolithically integrated on a silicon substrate. Moreover, unlike other arrays, it satisfies high realized gain and moderate scanning volume in both E and H planes, making it desirable for next-generation wireless systems.

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Conference Paper

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GOMACTech Conference (GOMACTech 19) , 25 Mar 2019, 28 Mar 2019, See also AD1074821 - GOMACTech Conference (GOMACTech 19) "Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security: Challenges and Opportunities for the Government" held in Albuquerque, NM 25-28 March 2019.



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