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Investigation of a Translatable Animal Model in Order to Understand the Etiology of Heterotopic Ossification

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Henry M. Jackson Foundation for Advancement of Military Medicine Bethesda United States

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Since the last annual report, we have performed surgeries on an additional n21 animals, which equates to a total of n34 sheep having been worked on with n22 euthanized at the predesignated end point. Micro-CT analysis has indicated that the presence of biofilm contributes to a bone response as long as there are placed in close proximity to the bone. Micro-CT analysis has also demonstrated that disruption of the periosteum and drill holes through the cortex allowing for growth facture to be released in the adjacent muscle in addition to the AID blast may result in ectopic bone. Work on additional animals are being performed and will continue to be collected to assess timelines as to when HO begins to form in the various groups of animals. Tissue processing is underway for histological analysis of those animals that have reached their endpoint and will continue to be performed on the back end of these studies to further confirm formation of HO in the various groups.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2017,14 Sep 2018



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