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Practical Co-Prime and Nested Samplers and Arrays for Radar and Radar Sensing Networks

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University of Texas Arlington United States

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This project is to develop practical co-prime and nested samplers and arrays for radar, radar sensor networks, and wireless communications. The proposed algorithms have been evaluated using real world radar and radar sensor network data, and have led to practical methodologies, algorithms and design tools with performance robust to uncertainty and adaptive to variations in dynamic operating conditions of radar and radar sensor networks. Major research tasks include 1 Co-Prime and Nested Samplers for Radar Waveform Design, 2 Co-Prime and Nested Samplers for Non-stationary Signals, 3 Co-Prime and Nested Samplers and Arrays for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging, 4 Co-Prime and Nested Samplers and Arrays for Radar Sensor Networks, 5 Co-prime and nested arrays for wireless communications. 10 Ph.D students and 7 M.S. students have been supported by this ONR project and graduated with Ph.D and M.S. degrees. Of these 17 Ph.DM.S. students, 4 Ph.D students and 2 M.S. students are women.

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2013,30 Sep 2018



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