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ARO Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter and Phase Transitions Created by Strongly Correlated Ultrafast Excitations

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Iowa State University of Science and Technology Ames United States

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This workshop will critically examine the state-of-the-art, envision the potential for far-reaching discoveries, and stimulate novel concepts and proposals in the emerging frontier of ultrafast quantum materials science. In view of the significant recent breakthrough of femtosecond non-equilibrium approach to strongly-correlated electrons and low-dimensional quantum fluids, the workshop represents an opportunity for a paradigm shift in quantum phase discovery and understanding with a strong long-term impact on Army fundamental research needs and some grand challenges. Particularly, the questions and discussions for the proposed workshop will be driven by a vision that by selectively manipulating quantum states with laser-driven non-adiabatic dynamics and coherent excitations, versatile ultrafast spectroscopic tools will reveal fundamental emergent-order phenomena via discovering and engineering hidden phases in highly non-thermal, non-equilibrium states. One major goal is to bring some of the leading experts, both experimental and theoretical, from complementary areas to discuss bold schemes and to advance this tough, intellectually stimulating question to push the field forwards.

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Technical Report,02 Dec 2014,01 Jul 2016



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