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Final Report: Equipment for Rapid Whole-Field Velocity and Density Capture in Rotor Flows

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Georgia Tech Research Corporation Atlanta United States

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If the velocity and density fields can be captured and resolved accurately in space and time, the aerodynamics of vehicles with complex interactions can be calculated with certainty. With new vehicles using large co-axial rotors and small quad rotors, flow field interactions are critical to understand at all size scales. The suite of equipment acquired here is to exploit recent breakthroughs in understanding flows relevant to high-speed rotorcraft and UAV problems, and generally to the science of vortical and rotating flows. It consists of three subsystems. The first is a high-rate laser and fast, high-resolution camera for stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry in thin sheets. This has adequate spatial and temporal resolution for a foray into turbulence. The second is a cost-efficient set of Plenoptic cameras to explore the capture of whole-field density and multidimensional velocity fields, combining essential features from Particle Tracing Velocimetry, Photogrammetry, and Tomography. The third is a Millimeter Wave Interferometer to enable measurements across density gradients. A pair of computers equipped with parallel processing using advanced graphics modules has also been acquired, to cope with the immense data throughflow from these systems. With these we believe that we can demonstrate whole-field velocity, pressure from laws-of-physics numerical solution and density capture in periodic but turbulent, vortical flows of relevant Reynolds and Mach numbers. Plenoptic cameras combine high depth of field with high-resolution post-processing of individual planes. The context set by the state of the art in flow measurements, and the educational benefits permitted by our strong and continuing record of graduate and undergraduate research team participation and publication, are also explained.

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Technical Report,27 Jul 2015,26 Jul 2016



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