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3D Nanostructure Design and Fabrication

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University of North Carolina - Charlotte Charlotte United States

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Funding for a Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT 3D printer was requested for the fabrication of nanostructures, especially those designed as metamaterials for applications in the IR. This 3D printer also supports the development of inverse methods for improved metamaterial and scattering target designs. Currently there re 100 Nanoscribe systems installed worldwide. The instrument uses a two-photon absorption process to expose uv resist and thresholding allows 100nm linewidths to be written if used with care. The laser in the system operates with a wavelength of 790nm and 100fs pulses with an 80MHz pulse repetition frequency. Several resists or resins are available in which this two-photon polymerization process can be exploited for high speed and high resolution 3D printing. Ongoing research at UNCC through the CfM has been the development of new polymer-based resists, incorporating 4 to 5nm sized nanospheres which allows one to change the base refractive index from which the structures are made. This provides another dimension of flexibility for applications of the Nanoscribe.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2015,14 Aug 2016



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