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Alkaline Earth Quantum Gas Microscope for High-Resolution Imaging of Ultracold Strontium

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University of California - Santa Barbara Santa Barbara United States

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Two of the most exciting recent developments in atomic physics have been the advent of quantum gas microscopy and the production of degenerate alkaline earth gases. Single-lattice-site-resolved quantum gas microscopy has allowed unprecedented insight into the behavior of controllable quantum systems. In parallel with these advances, ultracold atomic physics has expanded beyond the first column of the periodic table to alkaline earth species such as strontium and ytterbium, opening up new horizons for the investigation of exotic quantum phases, simulation of complex materials, and quantum sensing. This DURIP award has funded an instrument designed to combine both these breakthroughs a quantum gas microscope for high-resolution studies of ultracold alkaline earth atoms.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2015,14 Nov 2016



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