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Spinning Disk Confocal Unit for Observing and Controlling Dynamics in Artificial Cells

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University of California - San Diego La Jolla United States

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We propose to purchase a spinning disk confocal unit, to enable high spatial and temporal resolution imaging of dynamic artificial cells. This instrument will support Department of Defense DoD sponsored research efforts by several labs at UCSD, will accelerate progress on a DoD Multidisciplinary Research Initiative MURI related to dynamic artificial cells, and greatly strengthen the education of students with respect to the research of dynamic artificial cells. The spinning disk confocal unit will enable 4 color imaging of synthetic cells, and will allow rapid capture of artificial cell dynamics to capture shape changes, growth, and division events. The device will also enable long-term imaging of dynamics without significant phototoxic side effects. The laser excitation system will also provide rapid photoactivation capabilities with excellent spatial and temporal resolution. Coupled with photoactivated membrane synthesis and protein modification, this system will accelerate progress in achieving 4D control over vesicle dynamics and understanding how localization of proteins and lipids can affect phenomenon such as vesicle shape, size, and protein synthesis. The system will upgrade and interface with an existing Zeiss Axiobserver Z1 microscope equipped with a Hamamatsu scientific CMOS camera. This microscope is housed in a dedicated microscopy room provided by the UCSD Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This microscopy resource will provide opportunities to educate and train several graduate students and postdoctoral fellows on a state-of-the-art confocal microscopy system. Students will gain immediate and long-term access to a dedicated confocal system, facilitating novel and challenging and long time duration experiments to be setup readily.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2015,14 Aug 2016



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