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Proposal for Funding the ENSITE Project: Under ERDC Environmental Quality and Installations and Geospatial Research and Engineering Business Areas

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Although the U.S. Army recognizes the importance of strategically siting its contingency bases CBs, there remains a gap in capability to acquire, analyze, and understand implications and risks to site location and population response. CBs can be thought of as operating in an ecology that en-compasses a local context comprised of physical, built environment, and sociocultural systems. The construction and operation of a CB can have local to global effects on the physical and sociocultural systems within this ecology. Having the capability to anticipate CB impacts during the site planning stage allows the military planners to consider the impacts that siting and operating a CB will have on the local context, and to con-sider the effects of the site on the operation of a CB. This proposal applies the principles of ecology and social impact assessment to develop a methodology that will be instantiated in a visualization system designed to in-form a characterization and prioritization of the potential natural, physical, and sociocultural impacts of a CBs lifecycle upon the operational environment. ERDC capabilities also support integration of the ecological approach into existing tools, algorithm development, the development of software interfaces and toolkits, and the integration of open source data.

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