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Reaction Dynamics Using a Coherent M-state Superposition Within a Single (v, J) Rovibrational Energy Eigenstate

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Stanford University Stanford United States

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We are reporting our progress and our ongoing effort in preparing quantum states of H2 molecules using Stark induced adiabatic Raman passage SARP. The supplement award Grant W911NF1510192, made it possible to acquire the necessary small cap equipment including, a high voltage power supply, a dry scroll pump, a X-Y-Z vacuum manipulator, a high fidelity pulsed valve, a chiller refrigerator for cooling dyes and a few necessary optics, for example lens, half-wave retarder, high power dielectric mirrors and high power UV polarizers. These components were absolutely necessary for extending SARP in preparing new quantum states that can be potentially applied to study low energy collisions. Using SARP with a sequence of delayed pump and Stokes pulses we have not only been able to generate H2 v1, J0,1,2,3 states with a significant population of the ground vibrational v0 state, recently we have been successful in pumping a HD molecule from the ground v0 to HD v4 state with a significant population of the initial ground HD v0 state. This high vibrational pumping using SARP is a major break-through, which opens many possibilities for coherently driven chemistry and ultracold chemistry.

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Technical Report,15 May 2015,14 May 2016



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