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HGF/c MET Pathway in AIDS Related Lymphoma

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Louisiana State University Orleans United States

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In the third year of funding period, we have completed Specific Aim 3, and have almost completed Specific Aim 1 and Specific Aim 2. So we have achieved respective milestones listed in the SOW forms. In this year, we focus on targeting HGFc-MET regulated downstream genes, especially the ribonucleotide reductase subunit M2 RRM2 in KSHV tumor cells. We have found that one of RRM2 inhibitors, 3-AP, actively induces PEL cell cycle arrest through inhibiting the activity of the NF-B pathway. 3-AP treatment effectively suppresses PEL progression in immunodeficient mice. Targeting RRM2 by 3-AP can also inhibit the growth of Kaposis Sarcoma another type of cancer caused by KSHV cells in vitro and in vivo. During this year funding period, we have totally published 9 peer-reviewed articles about the molecular mechanisms of KSHV viral oncogenesis, and developing novel therapeutic strategies against these malignancies including one in press now. In most of these publications, I serve as the corresponding or co-corresponding author. We also have published several meeting abstracts on national or international meetings. With the support by this DOD award, I recently got a NIHNCI RO1 funding asPI and a NIH COBRE subproject as project leader.

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Technical Report,15 Aug 2017,14 Aug 2018



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